Download Inca Gold Casino Slot in Your iPhone and iPad with Free Game Features

Inca GoldDid you ever try any pokie machine before? If no then I must suggest you to play this one. When I played it first time I did not like very much but after read the reviews and the strategies to win it. The pokies online which I talk about in this post is inca gold which was based on the inca empire, this is the largest and the most powerful in the Americans.

The name of this event was based on the precious metal gold and silver. It’s a very lucrative game because of these symbols. When you will play it you will get to know the fun and the enjoyment of this. This is a 5 reel and twenty payline pokers which were designed by the microgaming software company. In order to make win there are 10 symbols available which you have to match. The symbols you will match from left to right across the payline. With this slot machine you can bet up to 20 coins per spin. The max amount of bet is 0.25 dollar and the min amount of wager is 0.01 dollar. If you will bet dollar 100 of real money then you can win a jackpot amount with the 1500 coins.

To big win you will have to hit the two or more than these symbols. If you want to play it on your mobile phones then first you have to download it and then you can play anytime. But before playing always read all the instructions which are showing on the screen. The soundtrack of this pokie was really amazing and pleasing, when I heard it first time I listed it again and again. Over all I really enjoyed it and the experience was brilliant. So I would highly recommend you to play it once and I hope you will also like it.

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Win Free Spinning with Mad Hatter Casino

Hey friends have you heard the store of fairy land? That was the story of Alice in the wonderland which was the best story of our childhood. If you are a pokie lover then think if you get any game which would be based on the same concept. The event is based on the concept of the comic character which was very much famous.

If you love the character Alaxe in Wonderland then you are going to enjoy it the most. Last year when I was in Sydney to attend the birthday of my uncle, he suggested me to go for the online pokies and insisted me to go for the play of Mad Hatter. Now I thank to my uncle who introduced me to such thing which make my spare time to pass in fruitful way and gives me the full entertainment.

This one is featured with five reels and large number paylines which I about thirty and had been designed and developed by the microgaming in which you can make the betting with one to the max of ten coins through each line. The coin ranges from penny to the max of $0.25 which makes it more popular among the bettor of all kinds. In order to make the win you will have to make the matching of the symbols which are provided in the reels.

The interface is full of many wild and scatter symbol who’s hitting may provide you the win. The bigger prize can be earned by hitting the symbol of the mad hat which may give you the win of 20,000 credits when you hit five of the wild one. This one is the best one for the new comer who really wants to make their start. You will be greeted by the return gifts.

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Make Your Fortune with Mega Fortune Casino Slot Machine

Mega Fortune SlotI am always curious to know about new things which I get to know. I am very much fond of doing betting and to keep the updates of the gambling world. Last year when I was in Australia I came to know that gambling had been so popular that they had given the facility of online pokies which you can use anytime to pass your extra time in fruitful way.

The main obstacle which you will get when you make the search of any game because the suggestions will be in bulk and you will in dilemma of making the right choice. To get rid out of that you should go for the option of free play and go for the read of the reviews which will help in making the right choice and your strategy will also be enhanced. Usually I am in habit of going through the Mega Fortune which is really the awesome game I had ever gone for.

Mega Fortune SlotYou will get more events through online compared to the casinos. Some of the famous sites of the online pokies which you can go through Mega Fortune are guts and g’day casino. You will get chance to make your fortune with five reels and twenty five lines of pay. The quality which makes it much popular among the bettor is that you will get chance of winning the jackpot and that one is in three stages which are rapid, major and mega jackpot.

The interface is depicted by the symbols which are wild and scatter and the use of all the symbols you can get the chance to make the win of bonuses, free spins and some amount of real cash too. The more you make the matching of the symbols in the active reels, the more you will get the chance to get the return gifts.

Grab the Opportunity to Win Maximum with Major Millions Casino

It had been a long time that I had not been the part of the gambling world from very long time. Through this post I would like to share my ideas and experience which was really the exceptional one. You will also get some ideas to make the chance of making the win while you play.

By the advancement of the technology we have got the opportunity to take the feel of gambling sitting in the home also. You can take the pleasure of online pokies through online from anywhere and anytime. When you will make the search you will get many suggestions and for making the right choice you will have to go through the review and tutorials. After the search I found Major Millions the most exciting one.

The name of the event had been influenced by the famous TV serial. The event was released in 2002 which was designed by the microgaming with the facility of five reels and twenty paylines. Maximum betting for this one is $50 and the range is $0.01 to the max of $0.25. You can go for the waging of up to 10 coins through each line. The good thing which I liked about this play is that it will give you the chance to win 8000 coins which comes under the category of jackpot round.

You will get the chance to make your luck with the symbols such as tank commander, binoculars, barrel and many more which comes under the category of scatter symbols and the biggest win of the event can be made by hitting the wild symbol which is the logo of the entitled one. Theme and the presentation of this one will not give you any chance to feel bore and you will be very happy to get the prizes and return gifts which are very lucrative.

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Convert your Win into Millions with Magic Multiplier Online Casino

Magic Multiplier Casino SlotLast year when I was on vacation with my friends to Australia, we had a good time there and did many thrilling work and enjoyed a lot. When I came here I came to know the fact that most of the people of this place are in habit of doing gambling and going to the casinos which was really the astonishing point for me. When we were having some hard to drink in the pub I made my mind to try my hand with the pokie machine and did the same.

I cannot believe myself that I was on the winning side of many prizes and gifts during my first attempt which added some spice in me to know more about that. After surfing I came to know that if you are not in the situation of going to the casinos then you can try your luck with the Online pokies world through online. I made the search through online and came to know that you will be confused to see the suggestion.

Magic Multiplier Casino SlotI was also in the same situation but I went for the click of the link which was on the top of the list. The game which I downloaded after getting the review was Magic Multiplier. You will be magically hypnotized when you will go for the play. This one is featured with five reels and thirty lines of pay. You will get the chance of making the waging which ranges from $0.01 to the max of $0.10 which is the best one for type of bettors.

Theme of this one is the best one which I liked throughout the event because during the play I did not get any chance to peep out of the play and the music which is used in this one will give you the feel as if you are in magical show. If you want to take the real fun of magic and gambling both then you should go for the play of Magic Multiplier.

K9 Capers – Review the Best Online Video Slot Game

I love pets specially dogs so when I completed my graduation I decide to start a dog training center. They love you if you will give them the same environment or love. And along with this I sell the best breed dogs too with some discount code. The clients call me from different places and countries like Brisbane, Perth, London and bexhill. From these places I get most of calls to buy pets. So before sell them I trained them.

Last night I was surfing on my Facebook account there I got a message from my friend; he just opened his online pokies gambling website where he was providing many slot games and some voucher code for playing with free spins, if anyone register on his site. So opened that link and saw it, there were many games I read their reviews, rules of playing and about the game then I found one which was k9 Capers and that was some cute doggies and puppies’ machine.

So I could not stop myself to play with it. That was some 5 reels and 30 payline poker machine with the launched by the microgaming. This was the non-progressive video pokie with the multiplier and wild symbols. You will get the chance to do waging with maximum of 20 coins through each line through all the thirty line which are available.

The interface is full of many wild and scatter symbol which you can use to make the perfect arrangement in the active slots of the reels. The only thing which you will have to do is to make the hitting of the symbols. Max win from the symbols can be earned by hitting the wild one which is the logo of the entitled one. You will be greeted by the attractive prizes and the gifts which are provided by this one. Go for the fun.

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